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5 Jul

I wanted to give you a picture of our most recent summer vacation. So here it is, painted just like a blotchy, saccharin kitten with a basket of yarn – you know, by number.

2891.3 The number of miles driven.  Some of them muddier than others.

90 The years of GG’s life celebrated with all her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

56 The number of hours in the van.  Well, 56 hours, 21 minutes, and 46 seconds, but whose counting?

51 The number of Minnesotan lakes spotted out of a possible 10, 000.

46 The temperature on the day we had set aside to be UP tourists.

30 The number of relatives hugged.

20 The number of mosquito bites that Thomas received after a five minute rest stop.  On just his ankles.

10 The number of fish caught by each brother.  Apparently as soon as a pole hits your hands you learn to tell fishing stories.

9 The number of years of marriage Jerry and I celebrated and also the number of children Stacy and AJ watched so we could go out to lunch on our anniversary.

8 The number of CDs of A.A. Milne’s works in the only reading authorized by his son, Christopher Robin, preformed by Peter Dennis.  He makes Piglet snort in every sentence.  It’s adorable.  Find them at your library today, you’ll never go back to Disney.

7 The capacity of our van.  Filled to capacity.

6 The number of pointy little boy knees that jabbed me in the back during a series of different sleeping arrangements.

5 The detours necessary due to flooding and construction.  The flooding of the Missouri River is shocking, and not really funny.

4 The trains spotted in Great Grandpa and Grandma Vogelsang’s back yard.  A happy count since Thomas had predicted the same before we arrived.

3 The number of infected ears.  One diagnosed at War Memorial Hospital ER.  Just the kind of place you want to take a baby struggling to breathe at 1:00 a.m, right?

2 The number of times we got lost.  Seriously, lost.  Once, so badly that we couldn’t find ourselves on the map.  You know, the paper kind that folds?  We don’t believe in GPS.  Plus, getting lost was actually kind of fun.

1 I know, I should really be able to think of something clever, funny, original, and that ties this all together for the final count.  But I’m a little fried after the big trip.  Wait!  Wait!  I have one:

0  My brain-power after 14 days on the road.