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Slow and Steady Wins By A Neck

1 Dec

The other day I was reassembling the newspaper after our oldest scavenged the comic pages when I ran across a fashion article that piqued my interest.  You see, I am really interested in fashion, especially when it coincides with a particular style that has been a staple in my life for, well, all my life.

So when the Grand Rapids Press runs a syndicated article stating that turtlenecks are the “Must Have” wardrobe piece for Winter 2012 I say, “Have.”  Plus, I’m pretty sure all the hip young kids take their fashion cues from newspapers these days.

Turtlenecks are definitely a Thing I Love (I’ll leave it up to my sister to decide if she would like parenthetical inclusion on this subject.)  My closet is organized by color and there are very few sections of the spectrum that go without one of these cozy tops.  Although I do wonder if clothing manufacturers have an aversion to warm colors for cold weather gear, because I lack shirts in the yellow/orange family.  Oh!  And purple.  I have no purple!

Note to self:  update Amazon Wish List.

As with most of my questionable quirks this one has a strong genetic component.  Our Mom’s neck can only be viewed from May through September.  One might be concerned that she has just one look, but this is untrue.  As both mom and the article attest, the sturdy turtleneck can sport its fashion weight in many arenas.

Just look at the possibilities:  turtlenecks with sweatshirts, turtlenecks with sweaters, turtlenecks with blazers, and we’ve recently introduced Mom to turtlenecks with scarves.  She isn’t so risque as to attempt to wear a turtleneck by itself, but the fashionista who reported on the versatile top claims even that can be done.

At our house we have found that they are also good for newborns, Halloween costumes, and an all-day hug-around-the-neck feeling.  Although I wouldn’t recommend them if you are planning to visit the Henry Doorly Zoo’s Desert Dome.

This is where I should wrap this up by saying, “Don’t just take it from me . . .”  and provide you with a handy link to the trend-setting written proof;  but since the paper has long been recycled, I took no photographic evidence of the article, and a google search left me questioning my memory, you’ll have to settle instead for, “Take it from me and my great recollection of this very reliable source:  Turtlenecks are cool (and also warm.)”

I wouldn’t have dreamed up something that is so obviously  logical, likely, and important, right?