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Our Wash and Wear Life

16 Mar

Today is Laundry Day.

Okay, at our house everyday is laundry day.  It’s a way of life for largish families.

To honor that day-in-and-day-out event I’m introducing a new category of posts.  The Laundry List.

We’ve certainly flirted with this type of post before, after all, it was the kind of family updating that got us started in the blogosphere in the first place, but now it will have a permanent press home here.

Since the washer’s always running, this little list of daily happenings could easily interrupt and replace any previously labeled day on our schedule.  You’ll never know when we decide to abandoned assigned topics to bring you a bunch of headed snippets of dirty towels and grass-stained jeans.  But then again, neither will we.

But here’s the first one:

Cereal Killer
Many of my friends don’t feed their children cereal, and with really good reasons.  Have you seen the sugar content on most of the boxes?  I, too, am thinking of joining them in this ban of boxed grain, but for slightly more selfish reasons.  I’m just tired of seeing this scene nine out of the last ten days.

It Probably Needed It
The Twins helped clean the bathroom last weekend.  Cele swept the tub and Pete shampooed the floor.

Padding the Issue
Cecilia woke up with her sock stuffed in the top of her pajamas the other morning.  She now insists on keeping it there.  She’s either a house elf or a late-blooming preteen.

Do Vegans Eat Wookie?
Abraham is scandalized because we told them that there are eggs in cake.  He wants a cake without eggs for his next birthday.  A Star Wars eggless cake.  This will not be the final discussion we have about this.

They don’t know what it means, but then again, maybe I don’t either.
But Wednesday was Pi Day.

Liturgy Packs a Punch
Daylight Savings Time has us moving a bit behind schedule around here.  This morning Sim was ready to start the day before the rest of us, so he said, “I’ll just read while I wait for Matins to hit.”

Springing Ahead to Summer
It’s March.

Nope, I can’t believe it either, Abe.