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Love Love

8 Sep

A year ago 20 little fingers, 20 little toes, two cute noses, and 11 lbs. 12 oz. of joy entered our already zany life.  Gladly all those statistics, except weight – that’s up to around 40 lbs., are still the same, but our zany life has changed quite a bit.  Definitely for the zanier.

One of the greatest changes has occurred in our conversations with complete strangers.  Despite my Nebraskan upbringing I was not fluent in small talk.  The twins have changed all that.  They are social magnets and attract  conversations wherever we go.  We’re starting to get in the groove, and have come up with some stock responses for the most frequently asked questions and comments.  Here, I’ll give you a sampling:

Inquisitive Stranger:  Do Twins run in your family?
Us:  Not yet, but I think if you give them a couple of months they’ll be hard to catch.

IS:  Four boys and one girl!?  She’s going to be a little princess.
Us:  Either that or a tomboy.

IS: Four boys and one girl!?  She’s going to be a little tomboy.
Us:  Either that or a princess.

IS:  Oh, look, a boy and a girl?  Are they identical?
Us:  No. (Really, this has been asked THREE times.  My favorite was when the husband of a couple who had been ogling over the babes for the better portion of a morning asked the question, and his wife replied before I could slip in, “Of course not, honey, they don’t look anything alike.”  Exactly, that is just what I was going to say.)

IS:  Better you than me.
Us:  We think so, too.

Our conversations with the general public aren’t all like this, though.  In fact the Twins have done more to connect us to people, both strangers and loved ones, than anything to date.

Womb Reenactment

Yesterday evening we took the family out to eat for Aber’s birthday and an older couple engaged us in conversation about the twins and our children.  As they got up to leave the wife placed a $20 bill on our table, smiled, and said “Enjoy your birthday meal together.”

This is just one example of Peter and Cecilia attracting more than the random “Awww’s” of passer-bys.  Because of them we have been the recipients of abounding kindness.  Kindnesses that wrapped both our children and our hearts in warmth.  Kindnesses that left us speechless while our mouths were filled with delicious food.  Kindnesses that gave us renewal and invigoration when a full night’s sleep was still months away.  Kindnesses that strengthened our weary bodies by encouraging our equally weary spirits. Kindnesses that deserve monuments, not 11 month tardy Thank You notes.

So, to all of you we know and love, and to those of you we don’t know, and still love:  Thank you for the love.  Thank you for every meal, every stitch of clothing, every gentle word to the Brothers, every hour of baby-sitting and baby-holding, every ounce of patience you’ve had with our screaming children, every piece of folded laundry, every scrubbed bathroom, every changed diaper, every sung hymn and spoken prayer, every “you have a beautiful family,” every facebook “like,” and every understanding smile.

Each thing on it’s own brought peace to our lives, and collectively they have propelled us through this year.  The Lord has certainly worked through you all to provide for all we needed.  And for that, we love you in Christ.

Sappiness off.   (But, you were warned yesterday about the Early September Emotional Trifecta.)