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13 Apr

No books to see here today, folks, but lots of words, because –

It’s National Scrabble Day!

Okay, so I wouldn’t have known that today was the 113th birthday of Scrabble creator Alfred Mosher Butts had it not been for my ever-on-top-of-it friend.  So, thank you, Jeannette.

In light of the holiday, (I’m not throwing that word around too loosely, am I?) we utilized the “Mom’s Choice” time-slot to learn the fine game.  Mom’s Choice is the period from 1:00-1:30 when then children don’t know what to expect out of our homeschooling schedule.  Will it be a read-aloud?  Maybe an art project?  Baking time, anybody?  A walk around the block?  Shoot, they’re just happy when it isn’t picking up their room, or trip to the grocery store.  For that matter, I’m pretty pumped when it isn’t one of those two things, as well.

The boys learned this classic board game, and I also learned a lesson or two.  I’ll share those with you.

1.  A lot of spelling, phonics, adding, multiplying, and counting can be accomplished without ever using the words spelling, phonics, adding, multipying and counting.

2.  The opposite of a Winning Game is a Losing Game.  Neither is desirable when pitting a Reader against an Almost Reader.

3.  Nonreaders are not affected by the Winning vs. Losing aspect of the game because the Nonreader is also a little foggy on numbers.

4.  The Nonreader needs to review counting to seven.

5.  When aided by the Nonreader in cleaning a shaker’s worth of pepper off the table so you can begin play, remember to have said child wash his hands before rubbing his tired eyes.  Failure to do so will increase the child’s necessity for naptime and shorten the game dramatically.

6.  Scrabble is not designed for Nonreaders.

7.  Timers help you pass the time, especially when you find the game “not that interesting.”

8.  There is no apparent audible difference between the words ‘scramble’ and ‘Scrabble.’

9.  Team Scrabble lends an added challenge to the game.

10.  Everyone should go play Scrabble right away.  Cecilia said so.