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Look What I Uncovered

10 Mar

My plan today was to grab and album, scan a picture, type a few quirky descriptions, and call it a blog.  That was before my random pick turned out to be this photo:

Okay, I can’t help myself, here are a few quirky descriptions:  My shirt?  Velour.  My sister?  Cute.  Me?  Not so much, but a little tanner than I knew my body was capable of being.

This picture was taken on a family vacation to Denver where we stumbled upon this rhinoceros fossil that was found in, yes, squint to read it folks, none other than Ainsworth, Nebraska.

I vaguely remember being told by my parents that it was discovered very near our house, in fact I know the exact spot just north of home from which I imagined it’s excavation took place.  And yet, this was something that I don’t remember ever being talked about in school, or in town history.

After a few, very brief google searches, I have determined that this was discovered by resident and paleontologist Morris Skinner.  The name is completely familiar, but I might just be confusing it with Skinner’s Motor Court – the only thing in Ainsworth I can think of that bare’s the name.

So what’s the story?  If you know, tell me.  In the mean time I plan to put on my straw fedora and do a little digging of my own.  This could be the new Baby Goo-Goo mystery of the year.