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The Creation of a Post, or Today’s Laundry

5 Oct

Did you notice?  Stacy had that clever little icon yesterday for Reality:  Not Just For TV Anymore Tuesdays, and today is the premier of both another icon and a new segment on our blog.

You know how one of the current blogging trends is Wordless Wednesdays?  It’s where smart bloggers and their cameras spend hump day without typing so much as a syllable, and yet send a message, because a picture is worth a thousand words and all that jazz.

Well, Stacy and I are nothing, if not desperate to hitch a ride on the nearest bandwagon, so we thought we’d give it a try.  We soon discovered our propensity to follow trends is only overshadowed only by our inability to keep our mouths shut (or our fingers still, as the case may be.)  So, to bring together our love of tell-all pictures and our tell-more-than-necessary personalities we developed:

1000ish Word Wednesdays

We’ll let the picture say its bit, rumored to be at roughly 100o words, and then we’ll add in a couple more for good measure.  So, are you ready for the first installment?

It’s a bonus day!  TWO PICTURES!!!  That’s like, at least a ton of words, AND one of the pictures is mostly words.  I know!  And you can only assume that I won’t be able to keep my two cents out of it at the end.  Wordless Wednesday?  Whatever.  They’ve got nothin’ on this.

I’m with you, Michelangelo, I much preferred the Bluth version.