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A Laundry List. Literally.

1 Jun

Things to wash today:

  1. A quart of freshly cold-pressed coffee out of the kitchen rugs and seven towels used in the clean-up process
  2. A cupful of milk out of Abraham’s favorite blanket which unwisely joined him at the breakfast table
  3. Cinnamon sugar out of all the placemats, sprinkled there by a two-year old with a love of climbing, unscrewing, and shaking
  4. A quarter of a bottle of cherry body wash out of the bathroom rugs.  No laundry detergent needed.
  5. Yogurt out of the bibs, long-sleeves, and hair of the twins who generously shared “bites” with one another
  6. Various types of shampoo and conditioner out of the other bathroom’s rugs after the twins discovered the storage cabinet more fascinating than the toilet.  I’m not complaining about this one.
  7. wet, dirty socks from unshod children and a dreary June day

I’m just thankful that there’s no blood-stained laundry.  Jerry took care of all of that yesterday.