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Acting Our Age – Part III

18 Apr
Phase three of the e-mail start of our blog coming your way, today!  If you missed Part I and Part II go read them first, or this won’t make any sense.  Even if you do, it might not make any sense, but that cannot be helped.
Included in this e-mail you’ll find the link to an incredibly rich resource that Stacy asked about in the previous e-mail.  We’re not pretending that’s funny stuff, it just actually happened, and you know how we like to keep things real.  Plus, we’re happy to send anyone we can towards these amazing catechetical resources.
Other things you should know to fully grasp this correspondence:  Stacy had recently won some highfalutin award for being a Particularly Fantastic Teacher of All Things Mathmatical, or something like that.
And last but not least:  Today, you finally get a glimpse of the blog’s conception.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s not that graphic.
To:  Stacy, Mom, Dad
From: Christina
Subject:  Snippets from the Week – reply, reply
The Pressure.  It’s too great.
Sim just asked if Abe could do his math for him today.  It might be one of those days.
It’s raining and 35 degrees, so I guess it’s already one of those days.
While I was in the shower this morning Thomas got the babies undressed.  Helpful or scary?  You weigh in.
Now Sim says he’s never going to do math again.  If only we had a Math Education Genius in the family who could fix him.
I’ve been thinking of starting a blog, but I don’t like how blogs are vertical.  I want my blog to have pages to turn like a book, or like a facebook photo album.  If anyone ever fixes that I will be all over it.
Now Sim is talking on the cell phone to Owen while he’s doing his math.  Oh, wait, he just told him he would call him back after he finished his math and handed the phone over to Abe so he could talk to Charlie.
Stace, you’re children are distracting my children.

When you can't phone a friend at least you can commiserate with a character.