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That’s, Mrs. Bossypants, thank you very much.

7 Oct

In the past week or two I have been heard making the following foolish quotes,

Tina Fey and I have had, like, totally the same lives.


Tina Fey and I are kindred spirits.


Tina Fey and I are practically the same person.


Actually, I’m Christina.  It’s okay, people get us confused all the time.

and, most foolishly,

You should definitely read Tina Fey’s book, “Bossypants.”

It’s when this final sentence escapes my lips that I realize I have doomed myself.  Now, practically on the advice of Tina Fey herself, these people are going to go out, read the book, and come to one of the following conclusions:

  1. I am completely delusional and not at all like Tina Fey, or
  2. I am completely delusional and exactly like Tina Fey.

Either way, it’s a no win.

So, before you read the book, and you should, please review this quick list of similarities and differences between Ms. Fey and myself:

We both bought our children Imaginext pirate ships and sea monsters.

Working Mothers
Use of Potty Words
The Afforadbility of Red Lobster

I sure hope she wasn’t making up that part about buying her daughter a pirate ship.

Unlike its cover or reader, this book is completely adorable.


17 Sep

While I could hardly say that our oldest and youngest children were quiet this week, it was the three in the center that provided that most memorable noise, er, I mean, quotes:

“I think I know why they call it recess, because we don’t get to play, we have to solve problems.”
Thomas, analyzing the new Sibling Squabble Reduction Rule that allows the boys to earn a  sticker for every day they make it through morning recess time without coming in to report a fight or unfairness.

“Races are only for cars, not for people.”
Abraham, struggling to catch up with the Brothers in the middle of mile 11 of the Children’s Marathon.  Mile 10 was brought to us by a very pitiful, “I don’t like The Mile. ”

“Oh no.  I can’t see at all in the dark!”
Abraham, prior to his first optometrist appointment when I explained to him that the doctor was going to check his eyes to make sure he could see okay.

“Can we go sledding?”
Thomas, recess on the first 55-degree day of the school year.

“Wesha bleda floply blooo da.”
Abraham, who attains language skills by watching the Twins.
“Abe, you should stop speaking Spanish.   I’m probably the only one who understands it.” 
Thomas, who attains language skills by watching Imaginext in Frenchuguese.

“I know”
“Oh no”
“No, no.”
Cecilia, who attains language skills by watching her mother.  Although Thomas is the one who taught her to spell.