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March On

19 Mar

When it comes to trips down Memory Dirt Road, the last ten days of March are quite a tourist trap.  It’s mostly filled with stopping spots from the paved portion of my life, though.  Here’s a list of some of what you might see along the next dozen days:

In March of 2001 I made my first ever trip to Michigan when I flew up for an interview at Our Savior Lutheran.  I was blown away by their singing and kindness, and I met the seventh and eighth grade teacher.  We even had lunch together (with the entire Pastor’s family chaperoning) at Steak ‘n’ Shake before his big dinner theater and my flight out of town.  Okay, in all honesty it wasn’t anything close to a date, but we did relive those fries and burgers for several years to follow, because . . .

By this time in 2002 we were engaged.  Shocked?  It was speedy-wonderful.  I recommend it to everyone.  Well, okay, almost everyone.

Two years later my first nephew was born.  Okay, technically I have another nephew who was born first, but since I was three at the time, and didn’t meet him until we were both in our twenties and I married his uncle, his birth didn’t quite pack the same punch.  But Owen’s birth – that was a game-changer.  That made me an aunt, gave Simeon a cousin and Best Buddy, and brought me even closer to my sister than I imagined.

And the end of last March was a whirlwind of events.  First, my dear friends and I began a DIY Master’s Program otherwise known as “the book blog.”  You can find it here, just in case you’ve missed it in the past.  We started by reading Don Quixote. Who does that?  We do.  Now we’re reading Moby-Dick.  Yes, really.  And here’s the weirdest part – it’s not the least bit boring.  Not at all.  It’s an honest-to-goodness hoot.  Try it.

Then, before Sancho could even holler, “Look out for the windmills!” my last nephew was born.  I’m not declaring Henry the Official Last, for I have not that power, but I plan on spoiling him like he is, just in case.

And then, because I thought my sister didn’t have enough to do with a newborn around the house, we started this blog.  Yup, our blogiversary is coming up next week, and that’s actually what got my mind Marching through all these wonderful occurrences.  This blog has been great for those two things, making me demand unreasonable things from my supermom of a sister, and bringing back old memories that make us smile, ask lots of questions, and laugh and laugh.


By Both of Us

The Picture of Love

11 Jan

There are no two more enchanting smiles in the entire world.


Inborn Greed (and pudgy hands, too)

14 Dec

Okay, I know. It’s too too cute, right? Tooooooo cute. I’m just impressed that his propensity for gift opening is so obviously innate.


12 Oct



Tongue in Cheek. Spoon in Slop.

25 Sep

Our sweet Henry is now 6 months old! (Yikes. He can practically drive.) And so, to celebrate, we have bestowed upon him the gift of flavorless gruel.


For some inexplicable reason this particular milestone is eagerly anticipated by most parents (myself included). It isn’t until that first spoonful of gritty slop is spattering my furrowed brow that I want to flee. Flee like I’ve never fled before. I loathe this game (you know, the one called “feeding your child”). Why did we open this can of worms (or box of baby cereal, as it were)? Seriously. Bibs to launder, messes to wipe, a new chunk of my life devoted to making “num-num” faces? I would like to skip this stage. I want to go from spending hours in a glider with my wee sweet nursling straight into handing the dear a slice and saying “Dig in, Baby”. I need to invent some sort of gastronomical/small motor skill acceleration devise that leaves my playful 6-month-old a playful 6-month-old, but allows for full-on solid food intake independence. Yep. I’m THAT selfish. And now it’s out there. Discuss.

Okay, okay. The slop face is pretty adorable. I guess I'll put up with it.

Arrrrrrgh, Baby!

25 Aug

Something about this doesn't seem right, but I can't put my finger on it......

They’re Related

16 Jul

Remember this gem?

Here’s another:

What genetic code so strongly connects our babies to our Dad? Wait. Don’t answer that.

Love you, Dad.

New and New

29 Mar

Since Stacy is busy sleeping, or being awake when she really should be asleep, I will take the initiative to say:

Welcome to the World, Henry!


Welcome to Our Blog, World!

We’re glad you’re here.  Both of you.  And, nothing against you, World, but I’m only going to post pictures of Henry.  He’s cuter than you.  What!?!  It’s the truth.  See:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To be sure, I’ve looked at these photos about a trillion times.  The births of my nephews are always bittersweet.  The sweet part is obvious – those boys are delicious.  The bitter part is that they are so far away.  I’ve never been there when any of them were born.  I long for that squishy cuddle, the hospital visits, the newborn cry.  But we see them soon.

And until then I laugh tears of sorrow, and cry tears of joy.