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Come, Mr. Tally Man

14 Mar

While my parents were visiting we decided to utilize the Gramma Green Thumb to get a science project growing.   It is no secret that we need my mother’s expertise if we plan to have even the most meager of gardens, so, the boys, Mom and I set off on a botany field trip.

The excitement upon entering the seed aisles of the local nursery was almost enough to cause spontaneous germination.  The boys were pretty happy to be there, too.  I just drove the van.  The budding gardeners scanned the colorful seed packets, picked their favorites, and then let Gramma Jan help them make final decisions based on what would sprout quickly, and do well in our climate.

Abe was a disappointed to find out bananas didn’t fit the criteria.



Close, but not quite.

8 Mar

Scads of young children agree: Opa's a funny man.

Things I (We) Love:  Our Dad’s One-liners

Some of which may be unintentional.  Take this one, for instance:

Dad and Abraham were playing hide and seek.  It was the best kind of game –  the one that requires no adult movement and excessive preschool giggling under a blanket.  After one of Abe’s many reappearances, Dad said,

Oh!  There you are!  I thought you were like Dumbledore, and had aspirated.