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Running Away with My Imagination

21 Oct

Like their aunt, mother, and cousins my boys are adept at choosing books based on their covers.  Hence, the entire Mr. Putter and Tabby section of our local library was cleared yesterday afternoon.

The cover of these books didn’t used to strike their fancy until our good friend, fellow other-blogger, and renowned Little Boy Whisper Mrs. Mueller brought them over for post-math reading every Tuesday.  The boys soon became Putter Devotees.

If you’re not familiar with series I’ll give you a quick overview.  Mr. Putter is an older gentleman with a fine cat named Tabby, a next door neighbor Mrs. Teaberry and her good dog, Zeke.  They do things and stuff happens.  And it’s all very funny.

As they loaded the extensive collection of books into my holey library bag one book was waved wildly in front of my face with the caveat that this particular title was “for you, Mom.”  Which book could it be?  Mr. Putter and Tabby Bake the Cake?   Pick the Pears?   Spin the Yarn?   Spill the Beans?  All likely candidates, but no.  The answer was:

That’s right.  Mr. Putter and Tabby Run the Race.

As you’ll note, it was not I that ran a race last weekend, it was the green-clad, medal-wearing Kid’s Marathoners you see happily enjoying the book.  But, I have to admit after reading it that I probably have more in common with Mr. Putter than my speedy offspring.

In fact, I’m thinking of using this book as my new training guide.

To begin his marathon training our pace setter takes four days to find his sneakers.  I’m all over that.  Four days sorting out our entryway closet?  Easy-peasy.

Then he attempts some toe-touching.  He can only reach his knees, but no sweat.  Literally.  And that’s probably fine.  Keep touching your knees ten times a day.

Mr. Putter’s unique take on running gear has some appeal as well.  And his message about not being intimidated by the show-offs who can touch their toes really speaks to me.

And lest you think this training method will never work, please take note:

Plus, it’s either that or follow the plan in this book:

That seems less fun.