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Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast

23 Nov

As you prepare for your feasts, Thomas has this Thanksgiving wish for for you:

May your day be filled with a Tornado of Food.


There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand

4 Aug

Three seemingly ordinary events colided this week with an above the top result.  Here are the otherwise unassuming occurances:

1.  Jerry and I began rewatching Arrested Development.  We often find old shows on DVD at the library and watch an entire series during the summer.  This summer we had nothing (so on an unrelated topic, if you know of any quality TV that we might have missed we’d be happy to entertain your entertainment recommendations.)  Therefore, going back to catch one-liners we might have missed the first time was as good as any way to spend romantic evenings folding laundry.

2.  The boys checked out this book from the library.  Despite the somewhat girlish cover it has some recipes and ideas that appealed even to my hooligans.  Plus, you can’t beat DK for a quality kid’s cookbook.

3.  Aldi had bananas for $0.44.  So many things in our life are dictated by good sales.

I can safely assume that you know what wonderful thing was bound to grow out of the congruence of these events.

First, George Michael, er, I mean, Simeon found the recipe.

Then we began peeling, melting,sticking, and dipping. 

It sure does look like a lot less work on TV.  I have no idea how they are able to concoct the yumminess-on-stick in the tight quarters of the Banana Stand, and without even a drop of chocolate on the khakis.  Amazing.

Hey, brother!

Okay, so ours were in pieces, served on straws, weren’t frozen, and we went a little crazy with the sprinkles and coconut, but they were delicious.  In the end we defaulted more to the cookbook than the Bluth Family Recipe, but the finished products were certainly franchise-worthy.

Well, I assume that’s true, I didn’t exactly get to taste the end result, but I might have cleaned out the excess chocolate from the double boiler with left-over banana chunks.

This one must be "The Gob."

And fear not, our sons were not exposed to the exploits of these unruly Californians.  The boys’ television minds have still only been warped by the likes of black and white Mickey Mouse and PBS propaganda.  But, someday they’ll see the show, and they’ll look back on this memory and say, “Wow, our parent’s were so . . . self-absorbed.”  Just call me Lindsay.

Tomorrow’s snack:  Cornballs

Freezer-burned by love

14 Jun

Oh, am I an excited blogger today! My life is a brilliant compliment to my sister’s last two posts (the one where she discusses my parents’ anniversary and their lack of need to celebrate and the one where she has surprising and maybe inappropriate things in her trash can).

We are currently defrosting our deep-freezer. We’ve never done it before. Don’t judge us. We’re just not very good at those mundane “upkeepy” things in life. It’s a point that needs improvement to be sure, but I digress. Back to the freezer. We’re finding a lot of neat old stuff in there: neat old round steak, neat old popsicles, neat old casseroles (from when Charlie was born…), you get the gist. The neatest (and OLDEST)???????? Our wedding cake top. Yep. Here it is on our garage floor:

Ah, so beautiful.

We’ve been married 8 1/2 years. Guess we missed the boat on the whole “celebrate your first anniversary by eating the top of your wedding cake” thing. Really, as my sister pointed out before, I wasn’t raised to make a big deal out of such events. Don’t get me wrong – we PRETEND to. One of the reasons we got married on New Year’s Eve was so that we could pretend to have anniversary plans and therefore ignore other traditionally New Year’s Eve-y social events. Anti-social??? Yes. Yes, we are.

So, how did we celebrate such a momentous thing as finding a bit of our wedding cake preserved like Mr. Disney? We considered reenacting the cutting of the cake where traditional couples lovingly shove the confection into one another’s mugs (which, by the way, we so gracefully refused to do at our wedding), but fear of dental damage to the bride prevented that act. So I’ll show you what we did:

This defines romance.

Yes, we laid on our garage floor and sucked face.

Then we chucked the thing.