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Melting the Gloom

7 Mar

My boys just picked these.

My heart is as warm as the day.



9 Jul

My sister and I regularly encourage our parents to move closer to us.  They counter with an argument that usually goes something like this, “We won’t have jobs anywhere else.  Blah, blah.  We’re not independently wealthy.  Blah, blah.  Easier said than blah.”

Well, it looks like maybe we finally got through to them.  They seem to have come up with a clever way to make a little money so they can buy that seven bedroom, ten bathroom dream home with it’s own waterpark and nanny service outside of Des Moines.   Just look at these breath-taking photos my Mom took of their new business enterprise:

Nope, it's not a purple sugared spritz cookie, it's the top of a seed pod on a Poppy.

For awhile we thought Mom had taken up Oceanic Horticulture or Microscopic Biology, turns out she was just photographing Poppy Buds in black and white. Duh.

See, here it is in context with just a smidge of color.

All I can say is, "Wow. Wawow. Wow." Mom, did you order up those clouds as backdrop? Nicely done.

Now parents, let’s get busy and make that new Bagel Store happen!

Disclaimer (without which my husband would never let me post this):  My parents are NOT raising poppies.  They grow wild.  FAR from their house.  These poppies do NOT produce any illegal substance implied or otherwise.  This is NOTHING at all like the time my fourth grade sister stayed overnight with a classmate who was whisked out of the country the following day when the Feds swooped in to bust up her parent’s marijuana farm.  My Mom just takes pretty pictures, and you should see them.