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Acting our Age – Part IV

19 Apr

We’re going to wrap-up this extensive trip into our e-mails today with a little back and forth.  If you need to, go back and read Parts I, II, and III.  I’m using the word ‘need’ there pretty loosely.

What you should know today:  To respect our mother’s privacy I’ve left out her e-mail in which she talked about sorting through old piles of junk, her long-term life goals, and asked why Stacy had more time to e-mail while she was subbing then while she was home taking care of her two preschoolers.


To:  Mom, Dad, Christina
Subject:  Snippets from the week – reply, reply, reply . . .

Oh, wow. SO much on which to respond.

Okay – Thom. Maybe he shouldn’t get the babies undressed. I mean, I don’t know. Really – I was 25 before I was fully equipped for such a task. Yikes. Hmm…

I wonder where my kids got the phone. And reunited during the school day. I’ll talk with them about it.

Christina, let’s start a vertical sister blog. At this point I think it’s best we all remain vertical.

Mom, I have plans for your future. Scrap all that junk, pack up the things you can’t live without, and move somewhere within a 25 mile radius of us. There. That’s real future. And don’t think I’m saying ANY of this in jest. Not a joking bone in my body as I script this paragraph…

I can email on subbing days because I have stretches of time (i.e. recess) where I sit in front of a computer in a comfortable chair. Also, 3rd graders are FAR less distracting than Joes and Charlies. Far less. Oh, and sometimes I need my computer at home to be the carrier of “Go! Diego! Go!” so that I can nap. I am saying this all in earnest.

It sounds like my computer is going to disappear soon. So respond NOW!


To: Mom, Dad, Stacy
From:  Christina
Subject:  Snippets from the week, reply ad naseum

Alright, I’ll forego Thomas’ help for another 20 years.  Whatever.
Owen found the phone on the playground.  It’s invisible, which explains why his teacher doesn’t seem to notice his extracurricular activities.  But you will have to get to the bottome of Chuck’s presence at O’s school.
Okay, Vertical Sister Blog it is.  But I’m still going to ask around to see if there are any options for nonvertical blogs.  You’re job is to come up with a really good title.  Go!
Stacy’s plans are good.  But mine are better.  I can think of two houses within walking distance of ours that would be perfect for your families.  Go!
You know what’s worse than 35 degrees and rain?  33 degrees and down pouring rain.  While leaving the library. You know what’s not cute?  Walking out of the library in the pouring rain and hearing Abers say, ‘Ooo…it’s pottying on me.”
The boys checked out a Junie B. Jones audiobook.  It’s giving me reminiscent morning sickness.
This afternoon we are going to make a book of the ten plagues.  For some reason Susan Wise Bauer left out the lobsters and replaced them with locusts.  What’s wrong with that woman?  I thought she knew her history.
Okay, Potty Mouth needs a nap.

Acting Our Age – Part III

18 Apr
Phase three of the e-mail start of our blog coming your way, today!  If you missed Part I and Part II go read them first, or this won’t make any sense.  Even if you do, it might not make any sense, but that cannot be helped.
Included in this e-mail you’ll find the link to an incredibly rich resource that Stacy asked about in the previous e-mail.  We’re not pretending that’s funny stuff, it just actually happened, and you know how we like to keep things real.  Plus, we’re happy to send anyone we can towards these amazing catechetical resources.
Other things you should know to fully grasp this correspondence:  Stacy had recently won some highfalutin award for being a Particularly Fantastic Teacher of All Things Mathmatical, or something like that.
And last but not least:  Today, you finally get a glimpse of the blog’s conception.  Don’t be afraid.  It’s not that graphic.
To:  Stacy, Mom, Dad
From: Christina
Subject:  Snippets from the Week – reply, reply
The Pressure.  It’s too great.
Sim just asked if Abe could do his math for him today.  It might be one of those days.
It’s raining and 35 degrees, so I guess it’s already one of those days.
While I was in the shower this morning Thomas got the babies undressed.  Helpful or scary?  You weigh in.
Now Sim says he’s never going to do math again.  If only we had a Math Education Genius in the family who could fix him.
I’ve been thinking of starting a blog, but I don’t like how blogs are vertical.  I want my blog to have pages to turn like a book, or like a facebook photo album.  If anyone ever fixes that I will be all over it.
Now Sim is talking on the cell phone to Owen while he’s doing his math.  Oh, wait, he just told him he would call him back after he finished his math and handed the phone over to Abe so he could talk to Charlie.
Stace, you’re children are distracting my children.

When you can't phone a friend at least you can commiserate with a character.

Acting Our Age – Part II

17 Apr

We need to continue with our “Christina and Stacy: Bloggers” history lesson. Remember a few weeks ago when my sister published this, the first installment in the series of emails that got this blog rolling? I have for you today installment #2. Let me remind you that I was subbing, and (to quote my sister) magnificently pregnant. Christina was homeschooling just 1 of her 5. The twins were infant status. AND, although there’s no specific mention yet as to a sister blog, it lies within these words. I promise.


To: Christina, Mom, Dad

From: Stacy

Subject: Snippets from the week – reply

We’re having pajama day today! I am totally taking advantage of that. Give a pregnant lady the chance to wear pjs in public? Yes, please.

Good e-mail, sister. Good e-mail. Also, I have yet to comment, but I thought your Dr. Suess was brilliant. You should publish. Online. In a social forum.

Christina, I know I already shared this with you, but I might as well put it out there in cyber-space. My son thinks my legs are “comparatively large”. The problem? He’s right. Comparatively right.

Okay – today’s a real easy day here subbing so I expect many lengthy responses. But don’t let that polytheistic monster of yours touch the keyboard. It might be catching.

In the same line – the 6th graders I subbed for the other day are currently studying the Ancient Israelites as well. You should have Sim come read to them. I am certain they wouldn’t even notice the addition of Lobsters.

Oh, and I forgot the name of that website with the memory work guidelines. Peace Suffix dot org? Is that right?

Alright. I love you and expect witty repartee today.


Comparatively large? I don't know. I couldn't see them...



Acting Our Age

29 Mar

Things I (We) Love:  You

Today is our blogiversary, but it’s really you we’re celebrating.  You see, before you came along we were just two sisters e-mailing back and forth trying to maintain familial closeness over the span of several states.

It was working, but then we decided my sister was so funny that she deserved to be read by others.  Well, that’s what I decided anyhow, I don’t know what Stacy was thinking.  Oh yeah, that’s right, she was too busy giving birth to notice that I roped her into this debacle.

Our present to you this week is excerpts from the e-mail exchange that started it all.  Today you get the first message.

Let me lay the context.  It was March of 2011.  Stacy was substitute teaching and magnificently pregnant.  I was homeschooling Simeon, but the younger two brothers were still in preschool.  The Babies were actually still babies.  I had recently posted a facebook photo album about Dr. Suess’ birthday that was sort of another entrez into blogging, later next week I’ll try to figure out how to post that as part of this ‘looking back’ series.


To:  Stacy, Mom, Dad
From:  Christina
Subject:  Snippets from the Week

—The boys were teasing each other on the way to school this morning, so I decided I’d better intercede and find out what names they were using.  Turns out they were calling Abe a polytheist.  Poor kid.  Don’t worry, Sim assures me that they all know he’s really a monotheist.
—This week we checked out Rocky and Bullwinkle from the library.  It makes the boys guffaw.  Us too.
—They are also watching Baby Rocket.  He was the King of the Wild Frontier, you know.
—This morning Simeon read the story of Moses and the Israelites to his brothers from the NIV children’s Bible including the part about the Plague of Lobsters.  You remember that one, right?
—Cecilia has a weird smell coming from her right ear.  I think there was a tear (or spit-up) in her ear from lying on her back, crying over you (or, more likely, me.)  Anywho, we now call her Stinky Ear the Pirate Lass.  She doesn’t mind.
—Pete turns his head when he hears his own name.  Either that or he just like it when we read C.S. Lewis.
—We’re nearly finished with the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  The suspense is killing them.  We may have to let them stay up late tomorrow night to finish the last three chapters.  I think for the sake of Thomas’ sanity we best not leave Aslan dead for a full 24 hours.
—I checked out Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Twins from the library.  It doesn’t seem to be working yet.  I suppose I should read it.
—I refined some of the rhymes in my Suess Parody.  You can go back and reread it if you’re in to that kind of thing.
—Next week is Spirit Week at school.  Sim noticed that they are having another Pajama Day and has requested the same.  But not Hat Day.  No way, no how.  I don’t really get it, we have a Baby Rocket hat he could wear.
Good night and Good bye.