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Two birds. One stone.

12 Apr

Thing I(we) Love: Crafts

The other day I made this:

I was proud of my handy work so to my sister (and a few others forgiving of braggadocio) I sent a picture. Christina replied with something like this:

“You should quit wasting your time on material yens and blog.”

Or maybe it was this:

“How dare you shove your lack of blogging in my face with felt and sack cloth!”

It may have been closer to this:

“BLOG, darnit! BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So, CyberFriends, feast your eyes.

May the Fourth Be With You

4 May

Check your calendars.  Don your Jedi cloaks.  Light Sabers to the ready.  This is a day to celebrate.

The Padawans began their training by proving  patience and endurance in a nearly two hour trip to the craft stores.  Their efforts were rewarded with new Star Wars Coloring Books.

At the craft stores we purchased a pelt of Wookie Fur.  They argued the available fur more closely resembled that of the Ewoks.  Neither species was harmed in the pelt acquisition.

The young Jedi Apprentices then abandoned their Master in the making of the Bean Bag Chewbaccas . . .

but showed up in time to cuddle the finished Wookie . . .

who taught them how to make Cookies.

Since the force was so strong with us we decided to share it with our friends in the Rebel Alliance.

We hope the Wookie Cookies weren’t Chewie.