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Excuses. (And pouting, too)

20 Dec

Today’s real reality is that I don’t have the time or energy to post because I was up too late watching the finale of my favorite false reality on Hulu. Another season of Survivor in the books. Nothing better to get one in the Christmas spirit, right? Sure.

And also, I don’t know about any of you, but my Christmas to-do list is unreasonably long. Yours?

Also, I forgot.

So that’s it. It doesn’t get any realer than this, friends.

SO, as an apology I’ll post some sort of really great picture. Hold on a sec while I search my hard drive for just the right thing. I’ll be right back……..Alright, here it is, and I feel as though it is particularly appropriate because it is also slowing me down. Or rather, its opposite is what has me dragging my festive feet. I am super bummed about the lack of snow in our Christmas forecast. I think I’ll just sit and pout about it and do nothing else.



Doo Doo YOU remember?

12 Dec

I’m presently confused. About presents. Presents of the past, in fact. Not of the present. See, amidst my children’s greed-riddled list making mania of this particular season I have been racking my mind grapes about what gift I absolutely HAD to have as a youngling. Which toy was it that without which I couldn’t live another day? I’ll be honest, this was a hard one. I must have been a super awesome, grateful, selfless child. (We don’t have fact checkers in the production of this blog.) Anyway, I figured it out. Baby Goo Goo. I’m sorry, you’re confused now, too, right? It sounds as though I wanted the infant version of a certain pop star, yes? Well, you’re wrong. I wanted a Baby Goo Goo. You know, the baby doll in which you could shove your hand and make to wiggle like everyone’s favorite newborn? Yes, that. Our local dime store had them. And them I did covet EVERY time I went to said store to buy embroidery floss with my Gramma. So on the list they went. In fact, I’m fairly certain that owning a Baby Goo Goo was my ONLY Christmas desire.

This isn't it. Boo Hoo, baby.

NOW is when it gets confusing. I went to find an image of  a “Baby Goo Goo” with which to dress up this post. I Goo-Googled it and I FOUND NOTHING. Well, that’s not true. I found something called the “Goo Goo Kids Hand Puppet”. My first thought was that I was mis-remembering. That can happen. But then I looked at this “hand puppet” thing and while it was certainly similar to my childhood yen, it was not the same. Hm. Weird. At this point, I thought MAYBE we (yes, both Christina and I were gifted this the greatest of our yearnings) had fallen for a generic. That, too, can happen. In fact, in our world, generic is king. (You’re welcome, Generic.) And I’m thinking this is the most probable scenario. However, I put in a call to my sister to see if I could wiggle her memory stick. She Goo-Googled, too (it’s just too goo-good on the wordplay front to stop). She stumbled upon something that looked MORE like our Baby Goo Goos but was called “Little Sprout Baby”. What? That doesn’t sound anything like goo goo. Don’t you think a generic of that one would be called the “Tiny Bud Buddy”? Upon further research (specifically THIS VIDEO) I have decided that the Little Sprout was never in our puppet-baby loving hands, either (because we didn’t get a bassinet and birth certificate!). So now I’m at an impasse. What is this “Baby Goo Goo”? How can there be NO record of its existence on the internet?? EVERYTHING is on the internet!!!! Everything except generics, I guess.