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Christmas Bibliomaniac

9 Dec

We have Christmas books. Many many Christmas books. Whooptie-doo, so do you. (That was a cute little rhyme, huh?) I didn’t used to have this book collection. It’s one of the things my husband brought to the Christmas prep table. He and his brother got a new Christmas book every year and over the years their collection reached beyond the widest branches of their tree. I love this tradition, so we have adopted it into our family. We don’t necessarily buy a new book each year. AJ’s mom is adept at keeping us stocked. Sometimes she gifts the boys with new books. Lately she’s given them books of their Dad’s from the past. Some of the books are gifts from others. Regardless of their origin, we love the books. We love hauling them out of storage each year. We love picking a new one to read each night. Here, I’ll show you some of our collection.

This was our first purchase as a married couple. Funny.

The one on the left was the first Christmas book we bought for Owen. The one on the right was AJ’s when he was little. Mr. Grinch is so mean we needed two of him.

Some of our books tell a Classic Christmas Story.

Some of them tell the Actual Christmas Story.

We even have a touch and feel. Don’t you?

Oh, and a Christmas Humor Book. That’s really important in any book collection. You know, keepin’ it light.

And hey! Look at this! SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. How cool is that? This is thanks to my sister who is willing to stand in line to get such things. Chris Van Allsburg is from Grand Rapids, so he and Christina are practically bff’s.

And board books. There must ALWAYS be board books, because we always have at least one child who consumes books. See? He’s getting ready to chomp.

 Please, feel free to come over and read. I’ll make hot cocoa and put on some James Taylor. Or Harry Connick Jr. Maybe Barenaked Ladies? Mormon Tabernacle Choir? The Osmonds? We could always hit ‘shuffle’. Tell you what, you can choose the Christmas tunes. No, YOU choose the book, I’ll choose the tunes. Wait, no, you’re the guest – you choose. I’LL make recommendations. No, no. I’ll just make hot cocoa.