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Two birds. One stone.

12 Apr

Thing I(we) Love: Crafts

The other day I made this:

I was proud of my handy work so to my sister (and a few others forgiving of braggadocio) I sent a picture. Christina replied with something like this:

“You should quit wasting your time on material yens and blog.”

Or maybe it was this:

“How dare you shove your lack of blogging in my face with felt and sack cloth!”

It may have been closer to this:

“BLOG, darnit! BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So, CyberFriends, feast your eyes.

Wonder where we are?

28 Dec

You should go back and read this.  Oh, and we’re having a great time.  A REALLY, GREAT, LOUD TIME. 🙂 lol


For Us and Our Kin

22 Dec

Things I (We) Love:  Time on the Interwebs


Things I (We) Love:  Time with our Family

Something’s gotta give.

Therefore,  during the 12 Days of Christmas (please recall my earlier rant explaining the proper dates,) or for at least the Octave of Christmas (the week between Christmas and New Years’ Day) we intend to err on the side of familial festivities.  Instead of digitizing our every memory, we plan to make a few.  We will replace emoticons with actual smiles, lol’s with audible joy, and the all caps of our children’s voices with ear-splitting excitement.

Santa, did I mention that earplugs are inexpensive and would totally fit in my stocking?

But we do have a few more treats for you to pop out of this virtual Advent calendar.  Tomorrow will be our first ever book giveaway.  Saturday, Stacy has something up her sleeve (at least I’ve bossed her around and told her to do so.)  And if you’ve been nice this year, there might even be a special Christmas morning surprise for you.

After that, we join generations of elementary students in skipping out of the classroom on a Christmas party sugar high and hollering the most clever of all second grade adieus:

“See you next year!”


We have a new “righter”.

29 Nov

My son is blogging. My 7-year-old is blogging. My primary-schooler is blogging. My Lego, Harry Potter, Greek Mythology, Mario Bros., Pokemon obsessed offspring is blogging. In fact, he has a new obsession. It’s blogging. I guess the cyber-apple doesn’t blog, um, I mean FALL, too far from the tree. You see, his brilliant teacher, in an attempt to create better writers, word processors, spellers, communicators, and complete thinkers, has created for his class a kid-blog. The entire class is invited to contribute. They answer questions posed by their teacher. They pose their own questions. There’s give. There’s take. You know, that whole thing. Here’s the deal, though – with my darling there is a lot of give. An awful lot. I’m going to estimate that, oh, half of the posts on the blog are his. Seriously. He’s prolific. He is genetically predisposed to reveal to the masses his mind. You’re welcome, buddy.

Initially, when I found out about his love of blogging I was like, Whoa! – Wait! – that’s MY THING! (I have very few, you see, and I’m not a great sharer.) But then I relaxed. I thought. And this is what I decided: I could invite him into this world. So, I have begrudgingly accepted his need to constantly check his blog and write posts. I get it. AND, are you ready for this? I am allowing him a guest blogging paragraph on this post. Yep, it’s true. Below he has regaled us with his thoughts on blogging. (Pay special attention – it took him about 1 hour to type it. No keyboarding in the 2nd grade curriculum….)


I   like  blogging  becuase  it is like  righting .Mom likes it to. I can ask people things.It is fun. You can talk to people.You can ask things.People can talk.When I blog I talk to people.You can  tell people what your  favorite movie is.I love blogging!

There you have it – unedited and straight out of the little fingers of my own precious blogger.

Schedule Schmedule

15 Nov

We try to follow a schedule.

Alright, that’s enough laughing.  I just said that we ‘try,’ not that we ‘do.’

But here’s our self-imposed structure, in case its subtlety has missed you, with a little description of each category:

Memory Dirt Road Mondays
It’s a lot like Memory Lane, only muddier.  And now that they’ve given 911 addresses to all of Nebraska it’s technically not a road either.  It’s an avenue.  A dirt avenue.  It’s just not the same.  Anyway, we start out each week mired in the past.  We like it there.

Reality:  It’s Not Just for T.V. Tuesday
This is kind of a catch-all, so don’t be shocked it these appear on a night that Biggest Loser isn’t on.  Sometimes that happens, because, like we said, it’s not just for T.V. anymore.  This could also be called “Things We Talk About Tuesdays” or “This Happened This Week” or  “Our Kids Are Weird” or “Could You Believe that Tribal Council!?!”  The options are endless.

1000ish Words Worth Wednesday
They always say a picture is worth a thousand words.  But we don’t know who They are.  And also, we like to say stuff.  Therefore, there will be no Wordless Wednesdays here, but we’ll try to keep our typing fingers under control.

Things I (We) Love Thursday
There are a lot of things that make us happy.  Some are obvious, others unusual, and some are just weird.  One never knows what might happen on a Thursday, but we’ll love it.  Even if you don’t.

Judging a Book By Its Cover Friday
We love alliterations, but we love books more, and since there is no day named Bednesday, or Caturday, or Juesday we had to punt.  We know that They say that you shouldnot judge a book by its cover, but we’ve already covered the anonymity of They, and also, pretty books are nice.

Grab Bag Special Saturday
Once a week we reach in the albums of our past and pull out some photographic proof that we are just as dorky as ever.

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