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Avast, Me Hungry Hearties!

19 Sep

Amid short vowel sounds, Aesop’s’ Fables, Henry Hudson’s fateful explorations, and the differences between manatees and dugong’s, the boys found time this morning to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

They were schooled in the art of pirate naming by one of their favorite landlubbers (middle name + favorite color + favorite fish, in case you want to develop your own sea-worthy moniker,) captured some furniture with their aluminum foiled solo cups,

Walter Green Sword

used 15-year-old portions of an unfinished crocheted afghan to mask their wayward eyes, and brought to life feathered friends with the help of cardstock, markers, and safety pins.

Harold Blue Tiger Shark

Their treasure map brought them to the not-so-deserted isle of Krispy Kreme, where goods of immeasurable wealth were soon within their grasp.

Pirate Booty

And if they don’t share, they’ll be walking the plank.