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Ten Days to Ten Years: Day 9

22 Jun

So, are you wondering how we’re going to celebrate our 10th Anniversary?  Thanks to the generosity of our good friends, in July we’ll be returning for a couple of days to the cabin where we spent our honeymoon.  The cabin which we had to evacuate due to a forest fire.  Yup, it was a good honeymoon.

But tomorrow will be loading PB&Js into the picnic basket, and kiddos into the minivan and returning to the scene of the party.  Our reception was at a gorgeous local park.  This time there will be no big band, or catered meal, or excessive layers of tulle to navigate on trips to the restroom.  We also won’t have the same crowd, but the five new guests we’ve invited are pretty cool, and I’m sure they’ll make quite a splash.