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We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

7 Feb

I’m sort of thinking in snippets these days, so on this, my return to blogging, I’m going to give you some of those simple headings that capture some of this past emotional week.

Thank you.  We are enormously grateful for all of the cards, hugs, prayers, facebook comments, memorials, visits, meals, childcare, coffeecakes, bagels, cookies, flowers, house cleaning and general friendship we received this week.  The Lord has certainly worked through all of you to comfort us in our grief and strengthen us with His promise of the Resurrection.

Sound of Sinner-Saints.  Eighteen Pastors belting out “The golden evening brightens in the west; Soon, soon to faithful warriors cometh rest; Sweet is the calm of paradise the blest.  Alleluia!  Alleluia!”  may very well be the beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.  I would like them to sing it at my funeral.  Strike that.  I would like them to sing it before my funeral.  By the time my funeral rolls around I’ll be privy to some even better music.

Days of Our Lives.  Jerry’s Dad lived 33, 405 days.  Here’s a picture of him somewhere around Day 2191:
Whole Wheat Flash Back.  You know those bagels I mentioned earlier?  I ate one this morning and had a serious Twin Pregnancy Flashback.  And not the nasty Junie B. Audiobook type, either.  For several months that delicious combo, sometimes with a side of orange marmade or lemon curd, was the primary source of my requisite 3200 daily calories.  The babies must have also recalled this delight.  As soon as they smelled it toasting they came clamoring for bites.

Excuses, Excuses.  My sister has also not been blogging much as of late.  I’ll let her tell you her valid excuse, but I didn’t want you to think she’d disappeared in a cloud of dust.  Although, the same excuse she has for not blogging probably also applies to cleaning her house, so I guess it’s possible.

Mishandling Loss.  Thomas came running into the kitchen, hand outstretched, during breakfast the other day shouting, “Tooth!  Tooth!”  Instead of assuming that my six-year-old son lost his first tooth, I asked, “Did Simeon lose a tooth and give it to you?”   You see, he didn’t tell us he had a loose tooth, although he sheepishly acknowledged that he knew, but I question whether or not he had come to the conclusion that looseness preceded falling outness.  Abraham witnessed the entire drama and is now mortified at the thought of losing teeth.  With full-on shoulder slouching, and his old-man worried look he shook his head and said, “I hope this never happens to me.”  Also, I failed to take a picture of Thomas’ new countenance.  Please accept this one and imagine an empty spot.  I couldn’t bring myself to picnik in a hole.Wait!  I’m off the hook!  You can’t see his lower teeth when he smiles, anyway.  Whew.

Handling Loss with Technology.  The paper delivery has now been reduced to Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday.  Poor Simeon thought he would have to wait until today to find out the Super Bowl winner.  We DVRed it for him.  And even though was “voting” for New England because he liked their “suits” and “pictures” he took the loss just fine.  Both times.  Also, I wonder if there are any other eight-year-olds in the greater Grand Rapids area that are as bummed about the lack of M/W/F/Sat paper as our son.

Finding Gains Amid Loss.  Although this past week was filled with sadness, and never let anyone tell you that just because someone is 91 and suffers from Alzheimer’s that it’s any less sad to lose a parent, my husband and I had a delightful week together.  We spent hours together at his father’s bedside, hours together in the car, hours together arm in arm receiving condolences, hours together looking over old photographs, hours together crying, laughing, talking and being one.  And for those hours I give thanks for this week.