I’ll take your advice

13 Jan

Do you know what I love? Book recommendations. Love them. Do you know why? Because if someone is passionate enough about something to actually recommend it then it must be worth at least a glance. Don’t you agree?

For instance, the book I’m reading now, To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis, was a Facebook status recommendation. One of my friends just threw it out there. So I picked it up. Why not? The only thing I knew was that this particular friend liked it. What didn’t I know? I didn’t know whether she and I had similar literary taste. She’s an intelligent gal and she doesn’t give a book recommendation every other day, so I felt like this book deserved my time. And let me tell you, a charming read it is. Wonderful. Clever. Interesting. Makes me chuckle. Great recommendation.

Now, I suppose that not every paperback plug is going to be as wildly successful as the one I just mentioned. But what I love about taking a literary suggestion is that I’m bound (get it?) to stumble upon at least SOMETHING interesting because SOMEONE found it just that. Hey, I may even glom onto a new genre obsession. How great is that? Expanding my horizons and that whole bit? Good stuff.

So that’s it. Tell people what you love to read. Make a suggestion on your status. Tweet about it. Recommend something to your pew-mate. Carve your favorite book in a bathroom stall. Buy a billboard and use that. Pass out “I ❤ Atticus Finch” buttons.  We can all benefit from a little reading recommendation.


4 Responses to “I’ll take your advice”

  1. New Author Publishing at 11:07 pm #

    I just finished, “Damned,” by Chuck Palahniuk. There is a review on my blog page a few days ago, but I only read this and know this author because my brother is a fan and I wanted to finally one up him on reading a book by Palahniuk. Not my usual type of read, but I couldn’t put it down and now I recommend it. Gotta thank my bro for introducing me to something out of my box.

    • Stacy at 9:34 am #

      Fantastic! Can’t wait to peruse your blog a bit more.

  2. Grandma Barbie at 8:58 am #

    I see you found your words! 🙂 My recommendation is a series written by Diana Gabaldon twenty years ago. It begins with a twist of time-travel (which my mother detests!) but places a woman from the 1940s into eighteenth century Scotland. And throughout the series she moves into other parts of Europe as well as colonial America. As historical fiction, you become acquainted with many famous names from the era. And as I love getting a glimpse of the person with the name – even if imagined – it’s right up my alley. I’m on the second book of the 6-part series, “Dragonfly in Amber”, and the paperback is a tome – 947 pages – but full of excitement, education, love and humor. Can’t ask for more than that!

    • Stacy at 9:35 am #

      Ooh! Thanks, Barbie! It’s now on my list.

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