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Taking a Haiku in the Snow

6 Dec

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a very clever sister. Recently that smarty pants put her cleverness to the test and entered a wee writing competition in hopes of bringing home a trophy  treadmill. Yep, you read correctly. A treadmill. Clever AND fit. That’s my sis. I don’t want to get too deeply into it as the wounds are still bright red, but she didn’t win. She wasn’t even a runner-up. Here’s the deal: SHE WAS ROBBED!!!! That treadmill was ripped from her waiting feet.

So, in hopes of bolstering her creative ego I have hosted my own little writing competition. I challenged my friends (the word-ly adroit ones) to make December weather, well, less December weather-ish, by couching their thoughts on said subject in a witty haiku. The results thrilled and charmed me. Read.

when it’s not bitter

the weather is dismal grey

does the sun hate us?


Ice coats the windows

the snow drifts deep, so I won’t

get the mail today


winter has come today

tell the fashionistas that

gray is the new black


My house looks naked

but I like to stay inside

maybe lights next year!


You know its christmas,

When your neighbor blows circuits,

lighting up his yard


Chilly chilly air

Blowing right through my sweater

Oh you naughty thing


Winter snow and ice

seem to bring dismay to all

folks over sixty.


Summer’s opposite

December weather is cold

Cold like my small feet.


December abounds

with birthdays around

Jesus, Dana, Zach (Someone OBVIOUSLY has an ulterior motive here….)

Great, huh? Haiku hilarity. I was super-pleased with my friends, so I wrote this:

Wordsmiths are my friends

Making snow and ice clever

A blizzard of pride!

That was their prize. Oh, wait. Officially I am naming Christina the winner (nepotism and bias aside). This is her certificate:

SO, that’s it. Oh, no, wait. It’s not. I forgot to mention how our dad weighed in on this important competition. You’ve already been briefed about him, right? Well, here was his contribution:

Limericks are shrewd

There was a lady from Ott

Haiku doesn’t rhyme

This was our mom’s retort:

Try something for Dad

iambic pentameter

or maybe lim’rick.