Large Hopes

2 Dec

I’m trying to read this right now:

It seems applicable, even though five children doesn’t really constitute a large family.

It doesn’t.  There are much larger families out there, and to be really honest with you, five feels pretty normal.  I suppose that just goes to show that children make you a bit delusional.

In case you’re doubting my size assessment I encourage you to read this description of family size, and then hang out there and read every entry on their entire blog, because whether or not you agree with these super smart women each word they write is loaded with beauty, often with wit, and always with enough weight to make you really consider your own beliefs.

I cannot say so much for Kim Brenneman’s very large book.  At least not yet, but I haven’t given up hope.  You see, what I wanted to read, and what the reviews promised me, is real, hands-on, practical, everyday advice on how to make our busy, noisy, cluttered abode into an efficient factory filled with child labor.  Or something like that.

I’m only 53 pages in, and hope to report back to you later that these bits of wisdom lie in waiting, ready to spring out and help me whip this house in order, but currently I’m mired in the slough of despond, or as she describes Part One, the “philosophical” chapters.

I thought I could tolerate the thirteen pages she spends exhorting us to be the Proverbs 31 woman.  I mean, I’ve heard enough good Gospel preaching over the years to comfort my guilty conscience when she reminded me to “hear your husband’s dreams and help him to reach his goals,” and that “the Excellent Wife takes care of the clothing needs for her family.  She seeks just the right apparel for them.”

I fear that my children’s jeans are probably too holey to be Holy enough for this standard.

Don’t get me wrong.  I believe as wives we should do all these things, and more.  I just like my exhortation to good works served with a main course of Paschal Lamb roasted in love to save us.

But since Mrs. Brenneman promises Part Two is full of “nitty-gritty particulars” I decided to give it a quick thumb-through.  That perusal exposed bold titles like: Floor Mopping for the Large Family,When Do I Take a Shower, Keeping Up With the Work, and my personal favorite, Rest for the Weary.

So, although I doubt that even that will preach Christ crucified, I think I’ll go ahead and slog my way through.


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