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Today’s the day! LET US CELEBRATE!!!!

9 Nov

This is it, friends. Today’s the day. The afore mentioned big one. Remember? Today is my sister’s birthday! Happy happy happy day!

Here’s the thing, Christina is awesome at tributes. Heck, she’s awesome at most anything she decides to give a whirl. Always has been. Public speaking? Awesome. Organ playing? Awesome.  Knitting? Awesome. Mothering? Awesome. Homeschooling? Awesome. Blogging? Awesome. Candy cane making? Okay, that wasn’t one of her best efforts. Actually,I’m sure the effort was there, but candy making genes missed her pool party, I guess. That’s forgivable, right? So here’s my attempt at paying tribute to a birthday girl that deserves one of her own tributes.

Christina is my favorite. And I don’t have to qualify that. I really don’t. That girl (or “lady”, if you care to do the math from yesterday’s post) is one of the most inspiring on the block. She gives selflessly each day to her  five minions, she keeps a relatively clean abode, she feeds her family food that has ingredients AND nutrients, she is thoughtful and careful in her called career, she recognizes her faults and is one of the only people I know who is actively working towards remedying those faults, she gives the absolute best, most thought out and scripture-based advice, she is clever, she talks less trash about people than anyone I know (except maybe her dear husband), she is enormously forgiving, and she never tries to be anything she’s not. What is that? Well, from my vantage point I see a sister, mother, wife, daughter, teacher, Lutheran, writer, musician, and runner.

Now here’s where you come in. While Christina is busy filling all of those vocations (yes, even on her birthday), would you kindly kindly wish her a happy day? I don’t care how you do it. Email her. Facebook her. Call her. Comment on this post. Yell really loud. Whatever. Just please let her know how amazing she is today. (I mean let her KNOW today. She’s amazing everyday…)

Christina, I love you. I aspire to be half of what you are (only 3 years younger). Happy birthday, dear sister.

Gardener? I suppose if she tried she's be awesome at that, too.