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Full Disclosure (AND a DISCUSSION QUESTION! Don’t miss it!)

25 Oct

So here’s the deal, folks. I let my sister down last week. She hasn’t said a thing, but I know it’s true. See, she’s the brains behind this operation. I’m the brawn (?). We have a schedule of sorts. You need not know the details, but suffice it to say that I don’t meet deadlines well. I just can’t handle the pressure. Never could. And now we have this blog. And my inadequacies are OUT THERE. Oh, my. I could say that I dropped the blogball because I was in a pit of Halloween Costume prep, but, that’s another deadline, so, of course, it I’m presently struggling to meet. (The pressure is high, but my children are scarier than my sister, so it’ll get done.) So, consider this my public apology. To Christina. To You. To My Computer. To My Brain (because, believe it or not, writing this dribble gives it more of a workout than doing laundry, making baby food, or sweeping combined). There. Are we all happy now? Deadlines. Weakness. Me.

So that was a really boring paragraph. Not much give and take. I like give and take. Here. I’ll GIVE you one of my current beliefs and then I’ll TAKE your opinions about said belief. That will make this post more interesting, don’t you think? Please don’t let me down on this. It’s very important. Here it is:

I fully believe in the placebo effect of decaffeinated coffee.