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Hunk of Love

6 Oct

  Thing I Love: Lindt 90% Cocoa Supreme Dark Chocolate

It’s true. As cliche´or played out or stereotypical or mundane as it may be, I love chocolate. Chocolate. The good stuff (just like Grammar, Beer & Comedy). I don’t want a 50 cent grocery store check out lane candy bar. (Although those fed me happily for many a Sunday drive. I’ll tell you about that sometime.) I want something from the actual candy aisle. Specifically? Lindt 90% Cocoa. 90%? Isn’t that a bit extreme on the whole antioxidant side of things? What can I say? I hate free radicals. And I adore that hunk of chocolate.

Ah. My love.

I love the crack it makes when I snap off a morsel. I love that the heat of my skin causes trace amounts to linger on my digits. I love love love love the smoky richness that invades my mouth when I pair it with a sip of good strong coffee (which falls in that same ol’ grammar, beer, comedy, chocolate category). I love that it comes as close to tasting like nature as chocolate can. (Or so I pretend. I’ve never licked a cacao bean.) And I love that the rest of my household finds it repugnant.