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Tongue in Cheek. Spoon in Slop.

25 Sep

Our sweet Henry is now 6 months old! (Yikes. He can practically drive.) And so, to celebrate, we have bestowed upon him the gift of flavorless gruel.


For some inexplicable reason this particular milestone is eagerly anticipated by most parents (myself included). It isn’t until that first spoonful of gritty slop is spattering my furrowed brow that I want to flee. Flee like I’ve never fled before. I loathe this game (you know, the one called “feeding your child”). Why did we open this can of worms (or box of baby cereal, as it were)? Seriously. Bibs to launder, messes to wipe, a new chunk of my life devoted to making “num-num” faces? I would like to skip this stage. I want to go from spending hours in a glider with my wee sweet nursling straight into handing the dear a slice and saying “Dig in, Baby”. I need to invent some sort of gastronomical/small motor skill acceleration devise that leaves my playful 6-month-old a playful 6-month-old, but allows for full-on solid food intake independence. Yep. I’m THAT selfish. And now it’s out there. Discuss.

Okay, okay. The slop face is pretty adorable. I guess I'll put up with it.