Things I Love (the birthday edition)

15 Sep

There’s nothing like a birthday to open up a big gaping wound of gratefulness. (That sounded better in my head…) Here are the things that I love from the hoopla:

My Sister: Thanks for yesterday’s humbling and embarrassing post. I’ll get you back.

My Gramma:  She always manages to send my card so that it arrives ON my birthday. Not before. NEVER after. On.

Facebook: Despite my continual hermit-esque condition this social forum always makes me feel like the most popular, sociable girl on the cyber block.

My Husband: I felt loved and special every moment of yesterday regardless of the fact that he worked 7:00 am until 2:00 am. He’s good like that.

My Parents: They came in with the first Birthday Phone Call of the day. Nice.

The Current Cupcake Fad: Chai AND Car Bomb. Check them out here.

My Crockpot: This wonder-machine continually provides our family with hot, ready-to-eat, birthday worthy victuals. (Curried Chicken was the flavor of the day.)

Evening Visitors: Surprise and planned, they all made me smile.

My Boys: Genetically given the gift to make me feel special by their father, I was celebrated from their waking breaths to their sleeping snores.

Lady Lunches: I am lucky enough to share my birthday month with 2 of my favorites (ladies, that is). Our September birthday lunch lands in that category (the favorite one).

The Muppets: I was gifted a new album by my flock of boys. Check it out. It’s Mahna Mahna-rific.

My Brother-in-laws: One gave me a nice phone call. One stopped by and played with my crazy boys. And one COMPLIMENTED MY COOKING!!!!!!!!

If I forgot something, I’m sorry. Don’t take it personally – I’ve consumed an exorbitant amount of sugar in that past 24 hours.

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