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Abers the Babers

7 Sep

Abraham is four today.  Four.  It’s been a struggle to teach him this number, mostly because he never knew he was three.  I’m not sure how we let this happen, but we were extra vigilant in our efforts to establish age-awareness this year around.

Here he is the day he came home from the hospital.

Don’t even get me started on how much I miss his newborn squishiness and those adorable puckered lips.  I’m a reminiscing mess around my children’s birthdays, and that makes the first part of September an emotional trifecta.

Abe had some specific requests for his fourth birthday.  He wanted, and I quote, “a hundred and a bundred of Imaginext and a hundred and a bundred of Planet Heroes.”  He also hoped to acquire, “the girl dragon that is just like the boy dragon only with fuzzy hair” and “the other ship that we don’t have that has things like this (arms stretched out) and like this (arms over head) and like this (arms together.)”

We’re pretty fluent in Aberese around here, so we managed to put together a birthday list for the Grandmas.  We must have done okay because there was bouncing and rejoicing, and phrases like, “I always wanted this,” and “this is even better than I said it would be!”

You know, that’s exactly how I feel about him, too.

Happy Birthday, Abe.  May you have a hundred and a bundred of more.