Grab Bag Full Circle

16 Aug

We are SO PROUD of you all. So proud. Beaming. In thanks for your plentiful, original, witty, mother-deprecating captions we give you this: The complete script of the theatrical classic “Lavender Blue”. Dilly dilly. Prepare yourselves to be awed by the skit’s seductive use of terms like “waffle weave” and “caftan”. No more will you have to wonder what to do with your own “roomy pouch” or “gay beach hat”. This sketch has it all. Now, might I suggest that you grab a handful of popcorn, your favorite carbonated beverage, and a hanky (to wipe the deluge of laughter induced tears from your pert cheeks), and allow the words to wash over you. Ladies and gentlemen(-man?)…….

……Lavender Blue – (fashions you wouldn’t be caught dead in)

(Suggested musical numbers to go along with the theme include “Lavender Blue”, “My Blue Heaven”, “Two Little Girls in Blue”. “The Blue Skirt Waltz” or “In the Blue of the Night”

NARRATOR: The fashion we are going to show are truly original and they are so exclusive you may be sure you’re never find them duplicated. But on one thing I’m sure you will agree after seeing them, they are within the reach of even your budget or mine. So on with the show!

(Narrator describes the costume, each model steps on stage and parades about in exaggerated model manner.)

Here we see Milady starting her day in a practical, casual duster, just the thin to get the day off to a good start. Note, too, her cuddly lamb’s wool slippers, perfect to wear as she trips her early morning fantastic. (wears short house-coat with dustpans and dust cloths fastened on it. Large powder puffs are fastened to a pair of old slippers.)

Our next model wears a charming housedress in a lovely pink checked pattern with comfortable cap sleeves and scooped neckline. No need to be embarrassed by an unexpected caller when you answer the door wearing this little number. (wears housedress with pink blank checks pinned on it – bottle caps are fastened to the sleeves and small plastic scoops outline the neckline.)

Milady models another daytime dress, so good for a luncheon with the “girls”. The dress is made of the popular waffle weave fabric and is accented with large silver buttons and matching Peter Pan collar and hat. (waffles are pinned to a plain dress with large silver colored scouring pads for buttons. The collar and hat are made from foil pie pans and another mesh scouring pad is the pompom on the hat.)

Every woman wants that perfect “go everywhere” smart little suit. Well, here it is in that new box jacket style. Note the skirt in the basket weave pattern, the large dangling earrings which match the big jacket buttons, the matching basket handbag, and the fashionable string gloves. (wears a large cardboard carton for a jacket. On a belt around her waist, berry baskets are suspended all around from strings of different lengths. The buttons and earrings are jar rubbers, lengths of string are fastened to the fingers of a pair of gloves.

Whether it is a wedding, or some other dress-up occasions, Milady will be perfectly gowned if she is wearing this lovely creation of tissue sheer in her favorite pastel color with a darling hat to match. Wish it she wears the smart T-strap shoes and carries a chic little envelope bag. (A plain dress is covered with cleansing tissue-any color- and a hat is fashioned from the same. Tea bags are fastened to the shoes and a small envelope is the handbag.

If Milady is sports minded  you will adore this darling skirt and shorts combination in the clever twin print, and isn’t her roomy pouch bag just right for carrying sunglasses, lotion and the dozen and one items that are so necessary for a gal to have along. If it is to a tennis court you are going, carry your tennis equipment in the matching tennis bag. (A Pair of shorts is covered with colored comic pages from newspaper and the top is made from the regular black and white pages. The pouch bag is a large brown paper bag and the tennis bag is a gunny sack or some other large bag.)

One last time....

Are you going to the beach? Then we offer you the perfect answer as to what to wear. Is it adequate cover-up, as well as sunburn protection that you wish? They you’ll love this over all bathing suit with the gay beach hat and bag of multicolor straw. Try it – you’ll like it! (wears man’s denim coveralls with “rope” necklace of clothesline rope to which snap clothespins are pinned. The large, floppy hat is made of brown wrapping paper to which multicolored drinking straws are attached in porcupine fashion. The same straws decorate a brown paper bag for the beach bag)

Eve would have been right at home  in this lovely evening sheath gown so elegant with the 18 carat gold trim embroidered fabric with its plunging neckline and side slit interest. With it she wears the elegant gold earrings and carried a sunning bag. (wears long dress or nightgown to which carrots are fastened with a string of carrots to the hip line and another plunger dangles in this slit. Copper scouring pads are fastened to other earrings to dangle to the shoulder, and a mesh drawstring vegetable bag is used for the handbag.

Finally, it is night time and time for Milady to relax at home in a casual caftan. What better to wear while relaxing at the fireplace than a caftan made from an eye-catching American Indian print? (wears a bright Indian blanket in wrap-around fashion. Might carry a huge “Dagwood sandwich” a magazine, books, hot water bottle, and alarm clock as if getting all set for an evening at home)

Let’s call our models all back in again and you can view the “Fashions You Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In”

There you have it, folks. Too bad video recording devises had not yet been invented when my mom and her Lutheran Lady Friends brought this piece of art to life….

One Response to “Grab Bag Full Circle”

  1. Mom at 1:48 pm #

    Marcia, are you out there somewhere? Does anyone at Messiah still have a copy of the skit that you all did at some event that we attended while Christina was there. I think the overall idea was that it was several radio stations coming in and out. I’m pretty sure Pastor was a boy scout leader. I know there was also a sports announcer but I can’t remember the rest of the character. Christina may have gotten me a copy at the time but if she did, I cannot find it now. I’m still not above “entertaining”!

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