Help me, Daddy. You’re my only hope!

25 Jul

This morning while playing a game of “Hut” (don’t ask, all I know is that it has something to do with living inside the jogging stroller and monitoring with the exchange of fair-trade toys) Thomas’ Light Saber broke.

According to him it “stopped clicking.”  He asked me to look at it, but I just don’t understand this early Rebellion Era technology.  Maybe it’s actually the 1970’s technology that’s standing in my way.  In any case, I sent him to the expert.  Jerry.

And in an what can only be called the Ultimate Acheivement of Geeky Mandom this was the result:

Duct Tape meet Star Wars.  Star Wars, Duct Tape.  All parties seem pleased with the new arrangement.  The force was certainly strong enough with the magic fix-all to overcome the weapon’s malfunctions.  I think there is a bright future for these two.  Live long and . . . wait, that’s not right.

Too bad it was the blue one.  It could have been Red, Green . . .

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