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So They Think They Can Dance

22 Jul

Something SO exciting is happening in my backyard right now. I can barely suppress my pride. “What is it?” you ask? Well, my boys, my beautiful, wonderful, crazy boys are PRETENDING THEY’RE CONTESTANTS ON “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be still, my reality t.v. loving heart. Be still, my dance loving heart. Be still, my hip-hop, NappyTabs, Lil C loving heart!!!!!!!!!

I thank my dear friend, Anne, for my family’s new obsession with this show. Thank you, Anne. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Get on Hulu NOW. Watch it NOW (and get my sister to, too). You will not be disappointed (neither will she). The dancing is amazing. The choreography is even more amazing. The judges are forthright, yet kind and helpful. It’s downright awesome.

Now look at my kids doing a routine that could rival Christopher Scott choreography at its best:

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