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This is my brain on books.

28 May

I love reading. I do it a lot. Well-read? No, I don’t think so. Not yet, at least. Maybe in 20, 30, 40 years. I think it takes a TON of reading to fall into that category because face it, there is a TON of literature out there. So I strive to be well-read, because I really love that adjective. Wouldn’t it be neat to be described as such? Ask me in 20, 30, 4o years…

My sister and her clever friends have a literature blog. They are slogging their way through countless classics in an attempt to achieve optimal brain growth. Their first? Don Quixote. Their posts are entertaining and enlightening and make even the laziest reader want to open that wordy tome. Today I decided to do just that. Except I have opted to peek into the abridged version of Cervantes’ classic. Okay, I haven’t gotten very far. I read the introduction written by the work’s abridger (I don’t think that’s a word). In it he talks a bit about Cervantes. Interesting guy, that. Did you know his father was a traveling surgeon? In 1547? TRAVELING SURGEON IN 1547????!??!???!!! Oh, my. What sort of visions invade your mind’s eye when you think of your local traveling surgeon in the 15oos? I picture a pick-axe and a wooden bucket.

So I read the abridged 1st chapter (I don’t actually know whether or not it had been hacked by the afore mentioned abridger. I’m just going to assume that everything I’m reading is abbreviated so as not to get too proud of myself for reading the thing.) Anyway, what struck me was the present day accessibility of the text. I’m also currently reading the Lutheran Book Of Concord with a group of ladies and was surprised by the same thing there.  These words, written 400+ years ago, are still completely relatable. At this point I refuse to get philosophical about society etc. At least in written word. As my sister used to say when we were in recess wars during our elementary years (and I never EVER understood about what she was talking) “I am Switzerland”. Or is it Sweden? Oh, brother. Now, I don’t think it’s fair to put Cervantes and Luther in the same group. They’re a generation apart and a world apart. Still, read some old stuff and be blown away by its accessibility. Now. Wait, no – read this first.

And that, folks, is my first literature discussion. Don’t you wish you were in a book club with me? C’mon….

My lil' version of Don Quixote. Isn't it cute?