Lost Sister, Found Memories

27 May

Stacy??  Hello??  Are you out there??  *tap, tap, tap* Is this thing on?

Sorry folks, I can’t seem to find my sister.  My best guess is that she is reaping the rewards of living in a state that allows summer vacation to begin well before the end of May, but I can’t be sure.

The first day of school. We never stood still enough on the last day for a picture.

You fellow Michiganders and other folks living east of the Mississippi might find this really odd, but in the Wild West school gets out in time to let you enjoy life (also to make man-children available for assisting in the fields.)  There’s a lot to love about an agrarian society, but May dismissal is hands down the best perk.

I think the latest last day of school in our elementary years was probably May 15.  I remember that day back in 1985 like it was yesterday.  Mom picked us up at noon with the news that Schwester Rachel had been born.  We rushed to the Brown County Hospital to see her through the little glass window by the nurses station.  Then we meandered over to church for the Dorcas salad luncheon.  When you are a fresh graduate of the 4th grade there is no better way to celebrate than a brand new baby and a vast selection of Jello.  Happy, happy day.

Alright, enough reminiscing, I still haven’t talked to my sister, and she doesn’t seem to be busy posting here, either.  If you see her flitting around town with four happy lads and her jaunty husband please let her know that it’s her turn to post.

One Response to “Lost Sister, Found Memories”

  1. kathy May 27, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    Yay for schwester Rachel!

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