Bits and Pieces of My Scattered Brain

25 May

My sister holds that it’s my turn to post since what I did yesterday was really just a link to her own brilliance in marrying, giving birth, and maintaining the most stunning family on the planet.  So, I scrapped together a few of the highlights from the last couple days.  Enjoy.  Or don’t.  That’s fine, too.

•My good friend Brandon sent our babies New York Onesies.

I know, just the right amount of snarky, right?
But, Cecilia might be pushing the snark envelope just a bit with her empty threats.

•We let the boys have a Dum-Dum if they eat all the food on their plates.  Go ahead, judge us, we can take it, it makes the quiche disappear, and that’s all we ask.  Last night Thomas picked out one of the “Mystery Flavor” pops and was thrilled when it was a cool whitish one with blue swirls.  He stuck it in his mouth and then announced, “It’s quiche flavored.  It tastes just like quiche only a lot better, I can tell you that.”

•I have this weirdo-shmeirdo eye ulcer thing and my optometrist put me on some steroid drops to get it healed up.  I hope to see a significant improvement in my lash’s batting average.  I’m sorry if you had to read that on facebook and here.  I’m just so stinkin’ proud that I properly used a sports metaphor in a clever way that it seemed worth repeating.  Also, I seem to be following in my father’s punning footsteps.  He replied to my status with “Only if you make “contact” with the “ball”!!!”  Yup, we’ve lived with those kinds of one-liners all our lives.  Don’t pity us, we’ve built up an immunity.

•On the last leg of my run yesterday three little 2nd-graderish girls mocked me.  Horrifying. I’ll spare you the ugly details.  There was lots of laughter, but I assure you, none of it was funny.  At all.  I wanted to yell at them, “Oh yeah?  Come find me when you’re 35 and have birthed five children, you little punks!”  But I didn’t.  I couldn’t breathe.

•I gave Thomas permission to take five pictures of his stuffed animals.   Here’s the amazing thing.  He took exactly five pictures.  No more.  See? 
My heart is bursting with pride.

•I tried to teach our middlest sons to skip yesterday.  Man, if you thought their ball handling skills were something you should just see the “step-hop” process.  We gave up and tried to play hopscotch instead.  I had to go inside and google the instructions.  Really, I should probably look into hiring a P.E. tutor.

One Response to “Bits and Pieces of My Scattered Brain”

  1. Charity June 14, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

    Googling hopscotch is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

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