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Nerd Alert

20 May

When the boys were babies we had a lot more free time on our hands.  I’m sure we didn’t think it was possible to have less, but now we know better.  Anyway, with all that free time we started something called the Birdsong Cousins Book Club.  The idea was that every so often we would buy the boys the same book so they would have in their reading repertoire some of the same literature.  The first book in the club was Owen by Kevin Henkes.  Have you read it?  If not, find yourself the nearest person under the age of 10 and make a date.  You won’t regret it.

It didn’t take long for the bookplates and organization to fall apart, but even though there is no longer any structure for the book club it’s still in full force.  We now frequent the library more than the bookstore, and we don’t make them read the same things.  But they do, and they’re all growing into total geeks readers.  Here’s just a smidge of the proof:

Our boys were in love with Peter’s new sleeper.  “Cool!  Pete’s a Viking!!! Let me hold the Baby Viking, ”  they cried.  My first inclination was to congratulate my dad for putting the boys’ sports priorities in order.  Our cousins who work for the Vikings would be so proud.

And then they continued, “Look, there’s even a picture of Stoik the Vast on his pajamas!”

Stoik.  Leader of the Viking tribe in “How to Train Your Dragon.”  Not a Minnesotan football player.

I know what you’re saying, that could just be a response to watching the movie a couple hundred times, not proof of their nerddom.  Sure, that’s possible, but may I present Exhibit  B.  Simeon built this guy this morning.

Elmo?  Ernie?  Cookie Monster?  Oscar?  Cookscar ElnieMonster?  No.  A Dufflepud from “Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”  Yeah, yeah, again with the possible movie tie-ins.

But movies were not the motivator in his chosen behavior before choir yesterday.

or this

At least he has kindred spirits.

All this to say that every once in a while my sister and I might have something to say about books.  This isn’t a book review blog, or a reading list blog, it’s just a blog where Stacy and I talk about things that we talk about.  And we talk about books.  Just ask our kids.