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We called the dog Indiana

18 May

Something exciting just happened at our house!!! My archeological genius son made a HUGE discovery in our back yard! (I would assume this treasure is none other than a headstone for the past homeowner’s beloved canine) The excitement has been palpable. Here I’ll show you:

The discovery - post excavation

Crossmending the artifact

Crossmend, complete.

Analysis and Interpretation (although it has been strongly suggested by Owen that we take the artifact to church to find out what Pastor makes of it all. I'm sure he'd appreciate that.)

What Charlie did during this important moment in science history.

A day later and he’s still totally geeked out about it.

note: Archeological process terminology thanks to this place.

I’m sorry you missed it.

18 May

I wrote an AWESOME blog post last night. You’re pumped, aren’t you? Can’t wait? Your breath has been bated? (Did I use that correctly?) Well…..

It’s gone. Completely gone. I can’t even tell you the brilliant premise. Are you as saddened and frustrated by  this as I? I can ONLY imagine.

Here’s how it happened: I went to bed last night and fell into a comatose state with unimaginable immediacy. Then I awoke. That’s when I wrote the blog. In my head. Big mistake. Huge. I have the retention of a generic paper towel apparently. Wait. That analogy was horrible. It held no water at all. (HA!) This is what I assume happened: I must have actually been asleep while I thought I was awake and the brilliance of my blog post was inflated by my unconscious state. Therefore, as a protective agent my brain obviously took over to protect my ego and the masses an apparently lackluster post. Am I still asleep?