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True Story Problems

15 May

We’ve noticed that the more children we have, the more everyday math we must navigate.  Problems like if Baby A drinks 6 oz. of milk, falls asleep at 8:00 and sleeps in 3 hour intervals interrupted by 20 minutes of wakefulness; and Baby B drinks 8 oz. but spits up 3 oz. and then falls asleep at 8:30 sleeping in alternating 2 and 4 hour intervals with 15 minute periods of screaming then which parent is likely to reach the Funny Farm first?

They’re not Multiples, they’re Exponentials.

Other problems are more complicated.  For instance:  How many people can you get in a seven passenger van?  Trust me, this is no “Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?”

This spring we have been juggling numbers in order to achieve The Family Bike Ride.  Here’s formula:

4 – 2

carry the 1

4 x around the yard

+ 2 + 1

x 2

= 11 Wheels

+ 2 Relieved Parents

+ 5 Happy Children

+ 1 Lovely Afternoon