Angry Iowa Art – Part II

4 May

I appreciate my sister’s take on the interstate art display. I, too, feel as if I must bludgeon someone while driving by Council Bluff’s new welcome art, but it is for a very different reason. Here – let me reveal to you the dialogue heard in our family carriage EVERY time we pass the display:

ME: Oh, look, boys. What does that art make you think of?

A.J.: Look, boys, it’s a pirate ship.

ME: No, it makes Dad THINK of a pirate ship, what does it make you think of?

A.J.: No, it IS a pirate ship. Owen, that’s a pirate ship, right?

OWEN: Yep, Dad.

ME: Eh…

A.J. (interrupting): Hey, Joe. That’s a pirate ship, isn’t it?

ME: Joe, you don’t have to think it looks like a pirate ship if you think it looks like something else. What do you think it looks like?

A.J.: It doesn’t LOOK like a pirate ship. It IS a pirate ship. Isn’t it, Joe?

JOE: It’s a pirate ship!

ME: Um….

A.J. (interrupting): Chuck! Is that a pirate ship?


A.J.: See? It’s obviously a pirate ship.


It’s a good thing my sweet husband has never pulled over. I may just let my sister’s artistic interpretation take over.

Ahoy, Matey.....

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