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Still Life Sports Photography

26 Apr

I’m afraid our sons have inherited my athletic deficiencies.  Jerry might try to tell you its his fault, but I’ve seen him bowl.

I’ve always been scared to death of balls.  Specifically, those that come flying towards me.  I don’t think I’ve caught a single thing, outside of a cold, in my entire life.  Sure, there was some volleyball in Jr. High and High School.  They put me in to serve, and if they could have made a substitution mid-play they would have.  Balls should be traveling away from my face.  Always.

Maybe Jerry’s on to something with this whole bowling bit.

On Easter our boys were playing outside with their first cousin once removed.  They were no match for his speed, ball handling, and maneuvering.  So, Thomas asked for another ball so he and Abe could play their own game.  A much more mild mannered game.  Scroll down very, very slowly through these pictures you can see them in action.

 At this rate I could probably join them.  That is, if I got a face mask and some knee pads.