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29 Mar

Since Stacy is busy sleeping, or being awake when she really should be asleep, I will take the initiative to say:

Welcome to the World, Henry!


Welcome to Our Blog, World!

We’re glad you’re here.  Both of you.  And, nothing against you, World, but I’m only going to post pictures of Henry.  He’s cuter than you.  What!?!  It’s the truth.  See:

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To be sure, I’ve looked at these photos about a trillion times.  The births of my nephews are always bittersweet.  The sweet part is obvious – those boys are delicious.  The bitter part is that they are so far away.  I’ve never been there when any of them were born.  I long for that squishy cuddle, the hospital visits, the newborn cry.  But we see them soon.

And until then I laugh tears of sorrow, and cry tears of joy.